User Interview with Jim Luke of Amerizon Wireless

logo.pngRecently we had the pleasure of speaking with Jim, a project manager at Amerizon Wireless, a wireless communications company located in North Carolina with over 40+ years of experience in the industry. We discussed the use cases of D3M for their day-to-day business activities.

Jim explained that the company mainly works within the public safety and manufacturing sectors. His daily activities entail following up on projects at various stages, from pre-sales to staging to implementation, completing site walks and giving feedback to both the sales and service staff. Jim primarily interacts with the sales staff, service management team and customers on a daily basis.

Prior to using D3M Jim explained how he used a combination of Visio, Excel and Word to design and document two-way radio networks. Compared to those tools Jim believes "D3M is quite an intuitive tool and is great for creating customer facing documentation. The proposal portion of D3M is a big seller for us." Jim first heard about D3M at a trade show about 3 years ago, but uses both Twitter and LinkedIn to find the majority of his industry information. 

When asked how he uses D3M, Jim explained how he collaborates on projects with his sales staff and system engineers, saving them time and errors. Jim believes the most significant benefit of the tool is it "allows us to make consistent proposals and have all our resources in one place, making it easy to put together entire projects."

However there are still some portions of the tool which can be frustrating for their team, such as getting all of our products, icons and information into D3M, as it can be time consuming. An additional feature Jim and his team would like to see is having the ability to view a rack diagram as well as a regular diagram. **Note: Rack view is currently being built within D3M, with the ability to snap icons into place and is scheduled to be released in 2018.

Overall, Jim would give D3M a score of 10/10 and would happily recommend the tool to a friend in the industry. He believes “D3M has been beneficial to Amerizon Wireless because it has allowed us to collaborate easily and have everything in one place to pull it all together."


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