How Seamcom Utilizes D3M for Presenting Their Network Diagrams

We had the pleasure of speaking with one of our users Walter, a digital radio engineer at Seamcom, a distributor of Motorola radios and networks. They work with multiple two-way radio manufacturers and suppliers in Germany, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland. He explains how he uses D3M to help with presenting network diagrams to customers.

Walter has been working within the two-way radio industry for over 30 years. As the DMR product manager his regular daily activities involve the configuration and combination of materials to create solutions for each project. Walter mainly works from the comfort of his home, allowing him to collaborate remotely with his team using D3M.

Before using D3M Walter explained how they would use “small design tools here and there but nothing compared to what D3M offers.” The Seamcom team finds D3M beneficial when “explaining network implementations to customers, as they can easily see all the needed system materials.” Walter first heard of D3M through a Motorola Solutions email campaign.

Currently Seamcom has three main users of D3M whom Walter regularly collaborates with on projects. When asked what feature of D3M makes their lives easier Walter explained that the diagramming portion of the tool “greatly helps him and his team easily explain network configuration to their customers, including the IP addresses which will be used.”

An additional feature Walter and his team would like to see is the ability to add a map on the diagram. **Note: The ability to add a Google map to D3M is currently being looked into, however you can currently add a background image which can be looked into place on your diagram.

Overall, Walter would give D3M a score of 9/10 and would happily recommend the tool to a friend in the industry. He believes “D3M has been beneficial to Seamcom because they now have a better network design to show their customers."


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Can Your Team Benefit From D3M?

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