Video: How Spectrum Communications Accelerated Their Sales Process with D3M

Spectrum Communications, a specialized communication systems provider, has been using D3M for nearly 4 years in all 9 of their Canadian and US offices. Watch the video to see how their team has used D3M to accelerate their sales process.

When first implementing D3M the Spectrum Communication team looked forward to a new solution, as they were limited as to what they could provide with their diagrams in the past.

They had great drawings with a lot of detail but it didn't depict what a technician would actually see when in the field. Ryan Sweet, a Field Service Technician at Spectrum Communications, explains "If you have technicians that aren't involved in the design and implementation but they're responsible for a system D3M can show them exactly what it looks like when they go out in the field."

The team explained how having D3M online is extremely useful, as it allows anyone from their team the ability to access projects from wherever they are. "If a customer calls about their solution you can see "Oh okay, we did change that". Now there is a way to see all that information in one place."

D3M provides Spectrum Communications the ability to create a proposal with their company templates ready to go. From there, all they need to do is add the key information. "This feature speeds up our sales process, making our proposals more accurate, and providing our customers with a better understanding of the proposed solution. This helps us build trust right away", explains Chris McAuley, Sales Manager at Spectrum Communications.

The implementation of D3M has allowed the team to take something technical and bring it to a level that is understandable to the customer. "The faster you can do that, the faster you can close the sale."

When asked their overall thoughts of D3M they explained how the tool is easy to use, solves a lot of problems, and makes their jobs easier. "I see a great future in implementing everything that we need, customized to our clients, being able to provide solutions that they understand."


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