Meet Adam Brenton, an Electronic Technician at Quinsam Communications, Who Uses D3M to Acquire More Sales


Adam Brenton is an Electronic/Communication Technician at Quinsam Communications, a technical communications solutions provider based on Vancouver Island, Canada. Since 1986 Quinsam has provided communication solutions to businesses using technologies such as radio, telephony, fixed wireless, internet, satellite and more, they connect employees, locations, and businesses together. Quinsam Communications uses D3M to build professional documentation and clear diagrams to present to their customers.

As an Electronic/Communication Technician Adam works on a variety of equipment and projects and has worked as a Communication Technician for 5 years and an Electronic Technician for 10 years. Currently, his daily activities involve installing, servicing, designing and maintaining existing two-way radios and systems.

Beating Out the Competition with Professional Documentation

The Quinsam Communications team first heard of D3M through a Teldio sales rep after purchasing one of their two-way radio applications. The team received a demo of the application and "found that there was an immediate need and use of the D3M Platform." Adam explained how "the software brought our project proposals to a professional level and to a much higher standard of our competition."

Before purchasing D3M, Quinsam used TinyCAD, Excel, and graph paper to design and document their networks. They found their previous solution was not satisfactory for creating high-quality proposals and diagrams and believed D3M would be a great addition to their daily processes.

D3M has been beneficial to Quinsam Communications because it "has directly helped us acquire more sales and larger projects."

A Clear Representation of Proposed Systems

The feature of D3M which Adam finds the most powerful is the diagram, as it allows him and his team to clearly represent the proposed system.

Quinsam has been using D3M for over a year and throughout the company, there are 3 power users of the tool, including a sales representative, communication technician and IT technologist. The team uses the tool daily to design and present their network diagrams to customers.

D3M has enabled Adam and the Quinsam Communications team to clearly present network designs to their customers and create professional documentation to beat out their competition.

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