User testimonials that will make you actually want to design & manage two-way radios.


In our effort to develop one of the most powerful software platforms to hit the two-way industry we ran closed Alpha and Beta trials with a targeted user group. We gave them unlimited access to the tool, free training webinars to get them started and here’s what they had to say.


I would recommend this tool to all two-way radio network technicians as it brings great value to them and the rest of their organization. D3M is an excellent collaboration tool for sales, engineers, and technicians. Bein gable to share the design information in one centralized location will be far more efficient than our current method of e-mailing multiple file types back and forth. I can’t wait to see what other useful features will be added in future releases!"

Chris Pace, IP Solutions Manager, BEARCOM


“Using D3M for radio network design & management is far easier than with Microsoft Visio and Excel. The tool allows you to enter and store all of your network information in one place and easily share it with others. Creating Network diagrams and databases for radio systems is extremely simplified thanks to D3M. It will be my “one-stop-shop” tool for complete radio system designs. D3M is an extremely valuable application and I would absolutely recommend it to other two-way radio technicians!”

Joe Kletke, Technician, SPECTRUM TELECOM GROUP


“After the initial project I created with D3M, navigating through the application for my second project was much easier. I especially like the fact that you can store configuration data within resources, for example adding IP addresses to equipment. I would recommend this tool to anyone who has a need for network design or must provide network topology. I could see this network topology tool become the standard for our department and our customers. It would hopefully become one of the required documents we would request in order to provide technical support.”

Sam Aguilera, Global Customer Support, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS

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