D3M is an Icom America Co-op Approved Solution!

We’re happy to announce that D3M is now an Icom America Co-op approved solution!

Available for all authorized Icom dealers throughout the United States, Icom will cover up to $800 of your D3M subscription. Funding can be used towards a one user D3M PRO subscription or towards multiple user packages. How you spend the co-op dollars is up to you!

Icom Co-op Reimbursement Process 

  1. Purchase D3M subscription online with a credit card.
  2. Icom will fund up to $800 towards any D3M subscription package up to a maximum of 50% of available co-op funds.
  3. Submit a Co-op Claim through your Icom Account at www.icomamerica.com


Take advantage of your Icom Co-op dollars and sign up for your “FREE” D3M account today!


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