D3M is Hytera Co-op Eligible Productivity Solution!

Are you a Hytera Dealer? Then keep reading!

We’re happy to announce that D3M is now a Hytera Co-op eligible productivity solution! All Hytera Dealers are now eligible to apply for a 50% reimbursement of their D3M subscription cost under the Hytera Co-op Policy. Try D3M for free!

Pre-load with Hytera Icons 

From portables to mobiles, D3M comes pre-loaded with a variety of high-quality vector icons specifically designed for Hytera certified dealers. All icons are composed of three main parts; a branded high-resolution image, technical ports, and properties, specifications & quote parts. The icons are created to represent both the physical and technical aspects of a device to ensure ease of use and applicability for all departments!

Purchase D3M with your Hytera Co-op Funds

Simply submit a Cooperative Credit Form requesting the use of your co-op funds to cover 50% of your D3M subscription. 

For more information please contact Hytera at 1-800-845-1230 or visit www.hytera.us.


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