Comparison of Two-Way Radio Management Tools

Is your company trying to decide which tools to use to design and manage your two-way radio projects? Well you've come to the right place! We've put our app to the test and compared it to several other tools and options available on the market. Read below as we compare essential features, such as usability, diagramming, project management capabilities, and more.


Auto CAD Visio Excel/ Word Email Pen & Paper D3M
Real-Time Updating Y Y Y Y X Y Keep everyone in the loop with live up-to-date project information.
Collaborate in Real-Time X Y Y X X Y Effortlessly collaborate on two-way radio projects with customers, colleagues & suppliers.
File Storage X X X Y X Y Keep all project data in one location - store imprtant files such as codeplugs, quotes, etc.
Project Management
Task List Editor Y Y X Y X Y Add, share and complete tasks with other project collaborators.
Project Status Y  X X X X Y Keep track of project status by assigning to Pre-Sales, Staging, Deployment & Post-Sales / Support.
Project Location Assignment Y X Y X X Y Have multiple offices? Assign a project to a specific location.
Organization Library Y Y X X X Y Standardized custom resources are automatically saved to your library access items for future projects.
Drag & Drop Y Y X X X Y Create network detailed diagrams in minutes.
Radio Network Elements X X X X X Y D3M is pre-loaded with popular vendor agnostic radio resources.
Technical View (Intuitive Ports)  X X X X X Y Add properties, default values & select default ports and types.
Grids & Alignment Tools Y Y Y X X Y Keep things looking nice & neat.
Infinite Canvas X X X X X Y Super detailed multi-site network, no problem! You have an infinite canvas to work with.
Built-in Engineering Rules X X X X X Y Built-in engineering rules prevent you from making mismatched connections.
Resource Properties X X X X X Y Store equipment data & configure settings.
Project Duplication Y Y Y Y Y Y Duplicate projects – fleetmaps, resources, diagrams, proposals, etc.
Auto-Generated Sales Proposal X X X X X Y As you design your network, a sales proposal is automatically generated.
Auto-Generated Fleetmap X X X X X Y D3M automatically creates a detailed fleetmap based off the designed diagram.
Easy to Print Y Y X Y X Y The Print View allows you to control which information is displayed or hidden when you print your D3M project.
Export to PDF Y Y Y X X Y When you’re ready, click on the ‘Print PDF’ button to export a PDF and/or your project.
Live Link  X Y Y X X Y Easily share your proposal by sending the live link directly to customers & suppliers.
Customer Sharing Y X Y Y X Y D3M automatically generates a customized email including a view link for customers to access the proposal.
Training & Support
Coaching & Guidance X Y X X X Y We're here to help with onboarding webinars, training videos & customer support.
Live In-App Chat  X X X X X Y A D3M Team Member is just a keyboard stroke away.
Daily Backups Y X X Y X Y Every day, D3M backs up & duplicates your data on a disparate server.
Cloud Storage Y X Y Y X Y We use SSL in order to encrypt the traffic that is sent back & forth between your computer and our servers.


D3M is your one stop for shop for all your network diagramming and management needs. From small radio networks to large-scale, detailed network projects, D3M saves your employees time, increases your firm’s professionalism and keeps everyone organized & up-to-date.

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