Custom Organization Library and Publication View

The custom organization library and publication view are two brand new features to D3M.  Available starting today, we hope you enjoy the new features as much as we do!

custom organization library and publication view

Custom Organization Library

Create custom resources (icons) and share them with all users within your organization. This allows your company to standardize frequently used equipment. All users will now see a new library section titled "Organization Library". Users have the ability to request that a resource be "promoted" and admins can approve and create resources to populate the organization library. 



custom organization library and publication view

Customer Publication View

D3M's new publication view allows users to create a professional project proposal. The page includes your company's logo, address, contact info, a network diagram, fleetmap and custom publication notes. Share your professional documents with clients and co-workers.


Check back soon for an update on the latest D3M features! Currently our development team is working on a new view to allow users to create "Rack mount drawings".

Have a suggestion for a new, unique features? Please contacts us, we'd love to hear your ideas.

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