D3M Benefits

D3M is an online application that benefits busy professionals in the two-way radio industry. D3M provides value to your organization throughout the lifecycle of customer opportunities from pre-sales to post-sale services and support.

D3M Benefits

D3M Benefits:


#1 Save Employee Time

Streamline your process, so staff can spend less time on administrative work, and more time on getting the job done. Populate network architecture diagrams in a matter of minutes by dragging and dropping popular two-way radio network elements onto the canvas. Built-in engineering rules prevent you from making mismatched connections. And, as the network is being designed, D3M automatically creates a fleetmap. That means less work for your and your team!

#2 Create Professional Documents

Ready to export your final project proposal and land that big deal? D3M has you covered. Effortlessly deliver professional project proposals with your company’s logo, address, contact info, network diagram, fleetmap and publication notes to prospective customers. Delivering professional looking customer proposals becomes an after-thought thanks to D3M.

When you’ve landed the deal, you’ll need to share your project files with customers. Easily download the fleetmap data as a .xls Excel file and save diagrams as a .png image. It’s only takes 2 clicks! Share project files with co-workers, clients, or simply keep a copy of it for your company records.

#3 Enhance Communication

Stop emailing stale information back and forth. With D3M, you can collaborate in real-time with remote team members, 3rd party vendors and manufacturers. D3M helps you and your team stay organized when deploying radio networks. Every project includes a task list allowing users to add, share and complete tasks while notification updates of everyone’s actions keep you up-to-date on project activity. Sharing information and keeping the project moving has never been easier.

#4 Centralize your Data

Whether you’re at the office or on the road, keep all your projects in sync with D3M. Collaborating with customers, colleagues, application providers and suppliers has never been easier as all project details are in one place: codeplugs, fleetmaps, and more. With D3M’s live view and edit capabilities, you can ensure you and your colleagues have access the most up-to-date information when you need it most!


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