Are You a Sales Rep, Engineer or Manager? D3M is for you!



Pre-loaded with manufacturer icons and engineering rules, D3M enables you to create detailed diagrams in minutes! While you create your diagram, D3M automatically sets up your customer proposal and auto-generates a quote and bill of materials. You'll have a professional proposal ready to share with customers in no time!



As you and the sales team add items to your diagram and fill in the equipment details, D3M automatically sets up your fleetmap and ensures it stays in sync as your project evolves to the staging & deployment phases. Store codeplugs, site pictures, and auto-generate your statement of work and deployment checklists.



From an administrator account, managers can oversee projects, edit company templates, deactivate accounts & ensure all project data stays centralized within the dealership for a more efficient sales process.



Customers like seeing what they’re buying and how the network fits together. D3M allows customers to access the most up-to-date network diagrams, bill of materials & proposals in real-time via a simple share link.


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