Manufacturer Icons - Motorola, Kenwood, Icom & Hytera Icons

Manufacturer Icons Loaded Right Into Your D3M Library!

We've been working with some of the top manufacturers in the two-way radio industry to bring their core products into D3M. As of today, you can request that these icon libraries be added to your company's D3M account! 

If you're already a D3M subscriber or trial user, simply click on a manufacturer icon below to request their library.


Once we've confirmed that your company is a certified reseller for this brand, we'll enable the library on your account! Full of pre-configured radios, repeaters, and other equipment, it will make your network diagramming more efficient, professional & precise.

  Request a Manufacturer Icon Library

Not a D3M subscriber? You’re missing out. You'll have to start by creating an account!

Join our ever-growing community of two-way radio resellers who rely on D3M for all their networking and diagraming needs. You won't regret it!

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