D3M is a Motorola COOP Approved Solution in EMEA!

Attention all Motorola Solutions dealers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.


We’re happy to announce that D3M is now a Motorola Solutions COOP approved solution in EMEA! The solution has been approved in North America for quite some time now, but we're glad to be able to extend this offer to this region. All EMEA Motorola Channel Partners are eligible to apply for 100% reimbursement of their D3M subscription cost.


Motorola EMEA Co-Op Reimbursement Process

  1. Submit a Prior Approval request against your COOP, under the Activity Category "Partner Nurture & Development" and Activity Name "Motorola Product Applications" for a D3M license.
  2. Once approved, purchase D3M.
  3. Submit a claim against the Prior Approval and make sure to include the D3M invoice.
  4. Use D3M to design and document all of your radio networks!


Take advantage of your COOP dollars and sign up for your "FREE" D3M account today!



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