New Enhancement: Price Books

Our team is always striving to improve D3M to help better meet our users' needs! This new Price Books enhancement was requested by multiple power users and is now available to everyone.

What are Price Books?

Price Books will now allow you to upload different pricing within D3M which you can toggle between within the quote. Simply upload the different price books by going to Admin Settings > Quote > Upload data under Default Price Book.

You can use this to upload price books with different currencies, pricing tiers and more.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 11.06.47 AM
Price Books features include:
  • Quote in different currencies
  • Change pricing based on different tiers
  • Have users from multiple countries on one account

Start uploading your Price Books

This is just one more way D3M helps you and your team design, document and deliver your networks. Hear firsthand from an active D3M users on how they use D3M to enhance their workflow.

A big thanks to our users who continue to provide us with great ideas and feedback!

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