4 Ways D3M Will Save You Loads of Time

Looking for ways to save time during your busy day? D3M can help...

#1 Creating a professional network diagram – in a matter of minutes.

D3M’s resource library is preloaded with all the network elements you need to create a professional two-way radio diagram for any customer opportunity. You no longer have to be a Visio or Powerpoint expert to put together a diagram everyone can read and understand. All that’s required is for you to drag the resources you need from the library, onto the canvas. Create necessary connections, add valuable data and store properties. Within just a few minutes your project will look something like this:


#2 Sit back & relax, D3M multitasks for you.

Under normal circumstances, this is when you’d move on to your Excel spreadsheet and start creating your fleetmap while making sure it matches your diagram. Well...you may take another coffee break because it’s already been taken care of! While you build out your network diagram, D3M automatically creates a fleetmap listing every item on the canvas and syncing any properties you may may have entered in the diagram view. Everything is sorted by element and broken down into sub categories, allowing for easy data input and management.


#3 Don’t email stale data back & forth. Share & Live Collaborate.

Tired of wasting time sending endless amounts of emails back & fourth and trying to figure out if your customers and colleagues have the right version of the proposal? D3M allows you to effortlessly share with others and ensures everyone always has access to the most up-to-date version. The app gives you control so you decide who has "view“ or “edit“ privileges and you can even live collaborate with other users when working with remote colleagues or suppliers.


#4 There’s no time to waste when it really matters.

Every project file you‘ve ever created will be safely stored and protected on the cloud. Months from now, when your customer calls you to troubleshoot an issue, you’ll have easy access to all necessary information on how the network was deployed & configured – saving everyone loads of time & money.


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