Webinar: Top 10 FAQs

Here is the recording of our latest training webinar on our top 10 FAQs!

This month's webinar focused on D3M's 10 most frequently asked questions including how to create a new icon, how to create a quote, how to download a PDF of your project, and more.

The webinar starts with a brief overview of D3M and then jumps into the top 10 FAQs.

Here are the top 10 most frequently asked questions about D3M covered throughout the webinar:

1. How do I find a project in D3M?

2. How do I link devices in my diagram?

3. How do I create an icon?

4. How do I duplicate a project?

5. How do I design a multi-site system?

6. How do I add shelves to my rack diagram?

7. Can I copy data from spreadsheets to D3M?

8. How do I generate a quote?

9. How do I download a PDF of my project?

10. How do I create a document template?


We had a great turnout and want to thank everyone who attended! For those of you who couldn't make, below is a recording of the webinar. To see our icon libraries for yourself, start a free D3M trial or log back in!

Check out the webinar recording below:

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Hope to see you at our next webinar!

The D3M Team


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