5 Ways Your Organization Will Benefit By Switching to D3M

Radio projects are a big undertaking requiring time, energy, and resources. From small radio networks to large-scale, detailed network projects, D3M enables everyone involved the process to be on the same page and have up-to-date information on the project. See how D3M can help your business.


CollaborationUnparalleled Team Collaboration
Complete radio projects at record place by giving all parties access to the most up-to-date data. Create detailed network architecture diagrams in real-time with remote team members, share fleetmaps with technicians, and send live links to manufacturers to better serve your customers.


VisulaizationEnhanced Visualization

Providing customers with a visual representation of the proposed radio network can go a long way in helping your customers understand the technology. Present them with detailed network diagrams in a customized professional sales proposal.


Time-ManagementEffective Time Management
Everything in D3M — network diagram, fleetmap, codeplugs, quotes, contracts — is stored & archived so you can have it at your fingertips whenever you want. This saves you from having to track down technicians and sales guy every time an issue arises.


Customer-Service2Enhanced Customer Service

By documenting all the critical project data and mapping out all connections and equipment, your team can operate better and faster for your customers. Technicians that have never seen the site before, can walk in, pull up D3M and know exactly where everything is.


Operational-CostsReduce Operational Costs

D3M was created to help you and your team save time & effort when designing, deploying & maintaining radio network. Lower costs company-wide by improving efficiency, reducing errors and enhancing customer service.


D3M was designed specifically for the radio industry and all its key members - sales team, technicians, engineers – involved in the process. Ensure that projects run smoothly by using the tool from pre-sales through to post-sales.

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