Do you consider yourself to be an early adopter? Love new technologies?


Top 3 reasons why our early adopters love D3M


EASY-TO-USE and makes your dealership look mighty professional. Check out this sample proposal. It took us 5 minutes to put it together: scout's honor.


ENHANCES COMMUNICATION between Sales & Technicians: Hey we get it, our sales team & development team tend to speak different languages... D3M allows your departments to collaborate in one common language. A picture is worth a thousand words.


IMPROVES COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS: we've lost track of how many people have told us that D3M was the reason they were able to land that big deal. Showing your customer a visual representation of what they're buying goes a long way. D3M makes it easy for you to do that - in real-time.

I love using new technologies, but it can be hard to convince my boss...


HERE'S THE SCOOP: we offer a free 30-day trial, no credit cards, no hassle so you can feel free to check it out on your own time. Motorola Solutions also allows certified resellers to use their COOP funds towards 100% of the cost of D3M.


You could wait until you see a competitor using D3M with a prospect customer... 

or you get ahead of the game and sign up right now! Not only is the software free through Motorola's COOP program, but Teldio will also provide you and your team with free training.

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