30 Reasons to Get Excited About D3M

D3M was built for the two-way radio industry; designed specifically for manufacturers, distributors, and dealers big and small. With so many additional features and exciting new things in the works, we thought we would give you a list of reasons to get excited about D3M. Here are 30:

  1. D3M was built with your entire team in mind. Sales reps create the diagram and share professional proposals with customers. Technicians and project managers access to project data, add key network information, make tweaks and keep the system information up-to-date. Managers can oversee project data from one central location.
  2. Live collaboration. Stop emailing stale information back and forth. With D3M, you can collaborate in real-time with remote team members, third-party vendors, and manufacturers.
  3. Automation. As you design your radio network, D3M automatically creates a fleetmap, quote and equipment list.
  4. Works on any device.  D3M is a web application that lets you create and edit projects from any computer or tablet. No download or installation required.
  5. Built-in engineering rules. Preventing you from making mismatched connections, the rules limit mistakes in your diagrams, quotes and proposals.
  6. File storage. Store important project files like codeplugs, contracts, site photos and quotes in one central location.
  7. Create an unlimited number of projects. You are never capped at the number of projects you create, so draft away!
  8. Detailed network diagrams. Customers like seeing what they’re buying and how the network fits together.  A picture is worth a thousand words.
  9. Easy project sharing. Once you’re ready to submit your work to your prospective customer, simply enter their email address and they will have live access to the proposal as it evolves.
  10. Affordable. Equip your entire organization’s sales team, managers, support & engineers with access to D3M for less than the cost of a couple Visio licenses. Available for a small monthly or annual, It's a pretty small price to pay for a game changer.
  11. Mobility. On the road and need to view a project? No problem. All project data is stored on the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere, anytime.
  12. Excellent customer testimonials. Don't just take our word for it, see what people are saying about their experiences with D3M.
  13. Different user packages. Have a one man shop or 25 sales reps out hitting the pavement? With D3M's different user packages, you'll find the best solution for your needs.
  14. 14-day free trial. We’re confident that you’ll love the app after taking it for a test drive! For 14 days you’ll have full access to D3M and all of its features. Sign up now!
  15. User training & live customer support. All D3M subscriptions include support & user training. We’re here to help and happy to keep in touch by phone or email. And, if you get into a sticky situation, a D3M Team Member is just a keyboard stroke away. Simply click on the question mark in the bottom right corner and ask away through our live chat feature. 9 to 5 EST hours.
  16. Application branding. Fully customize colors and logos throughout the entire app. From the login page to the customer sharing page, D3M will look and feel like your company’s very own professional branded tool to clients!
  17. Standardize organization documents with templates. Only editable by admins, this ensures your team’s documents have all the required information while maintaining a consistent look & feel. And with our new dynamic placeholder text feature, it’s now simpler than ever to autofill your documents with all the project information.
  18. Automated quote tool. As you design your network diagram, the app automatically generates an error-free quote with price and margin analytics which can be fine-tuned to optimize revenue opportunities and increase profits.
  19. Coop Approved. Are you a Motorola Solutions or Icom dealer? You're in luck. Pay for your D3M subscription using Coop dollars. Conditions may apply. 
  20. Pre-loaded with 100's of icons & manufacturer icons. Full of pre-configured radios, repeaters, and other equipment, D3M is currently offering libraries for Motorola Solutions, Kenwood, Icom, Hytera & Syscom.
  21. Icon bundles. Tired of creating the same network again and again? With icon bundles users can save a group of linked icons (including links & properties) to their library for future use, saving you and your team tons of time.
  22. Customizable documents. From Sales Proposals to Statements of Work, Installation Guides, and Customer Contracts, tailor documents to your company you can be confident that it will update as your project evolves.
  23. Easily assign office locations. Does your radio dealership have multiple locations? Assign a location or an “office” to each project to keep everything organized and structured.
  24. Grid view. Do you like to keep things neatly organized and well aligned? Turn on the Grid tool and your radio network elements will automatically snap to the grid keeping things looking nice & neat.
  25. Quote Tool Currencies. Quoting a radio network in England, Mexico or Australia? No problem. Now supporting over 150 different currencies, the D3M Quote Tool has got you covered!
  26. Professional sales proposals. Delivering professional looking customer proposals becomes an after-thought thanks to D3M. Effortlessly deliver professional project proposals with your company’s logo, address, contact info, network diagram, fleetmap and quote to prospective customers.
  27. Project status. Assign a status to every project and sort projects by status on the All Projects page. By default, statuses include Pre-Sales, Staging, Deployment and Post-Sales / Support, but these fields are fully customizable and can be tailored to your processes.
  28. Infinite canvas. Super detailed multi-site network, no problem! You have an infinite canvas to work with.
  29. Easy to print & export to PDF. The Print View allows you to control which information is displayed or hidden when you print your D3M project. When you’re ready, click on the ‘Print PDF’ button to export a PDF and/or your project.
  30. Daily backups & security features. Every day D3M backs up & duplicates your data on a disparate server so you're never left in the dark. D3M takes your security and privacy very seriously, find out more here.
  31. Reduce your operational costs. D3M was created to help you and your team save time & effort when designing, deploying & maintaining network projects. Lower costs company-wide by improving efficiency, reducing errors and enhancing customer service.

We threw in a bonus because there are 31 days in May!


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