New Features: Grid View & Share Permissions

With two new development resources in the office, we're quickly crossing things off our to-do list.



Are you a perfectionist? Do you like to keep things neatly organized and well aligned? If so, you'll make great use of our new grid view feature. Turn on the Grid tool and your radio network elements will automatically snap to the grid as you drag and drop them on your canvas; keeping things looking nice & neat.




With this new feature, organization admins have the ability determine the default share settings for all of their company's projects. Select the permission level (view, edit, or edit & share) and all new projects created by your team members will automatically be shared company-wide with the selected permission. Users can override this setting, on a project-by-project basis, through the "Share" dialog.

Check back soon for an update on the latest D3M features! Currently, our Dev Team is working on enhancing project navigation and adding multiple diagrams to a D3M Publication.


Have a suggestion for a new, unique features? Please contacts us, we’d love to hear your ideas... It's what drives our roadmap!

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