Another Hectic End of Quarter? D3M Can Help

From pre-sales to staging, deployment & post-sales support, D3M makes it easy for you and you team to collaborate on two-way radio projects.



A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Customers like seeing what they're buying and how the network fits together. Design network diagrams in minutes with D3M. Duplicate network projects, add your logo, and share the proposal through a live link. Should revisions need to be made, it's as easy as 1,2,3, to make live changes.


Better Planning = Less ScramblingCollaborate-D3MCongratulations, you’ve won the bid. Now you have to setup the network. That’s countless repeaters, antennas & radios to keep track of. Luckily, half the battle is done. As you created the diagram, D3M automatically created a fleetmap. Techs can now take over the project and keep things rolling.


Stay-ConnectedStay Connected & Organized 

Did Frank the technician retire? Is the sales team always out? Since all project data is stored in one location (diagram, fleetmap, codeplugs, quotes, contracts, etc.), all team members within your organization can access network information anywhere, anytime.


Reduce-CostsReduce Operational Costs
D3M was created to help you and your team save time & effort when designing, deploying & maintaining network projects. Lower costs company-wide by improving efficiency, reducing errors and enhancing customer service.


See D3M In Action! A detailed network diagram, sales proposal & fleetpmap created in under 5 minutes!

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