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Tons! We’ve added a variety of new features to help make it easier and faster for you to create, share & edit your two-way radio projects.



D3M-Icon_BundlesBundled icons

Do you often create the same system for different clients? Well, we’ve made it even quicker for you to design your diagrams with Icon Bundles. Save a group of pre-connected icons including all the links, properties, model numbers, etc. to your library for future use.



D3M-Diagram-ImagesDiagram images

Looking to add customer logos, site pictures & floor plans into your D3M diagrams without cluttering your library? Now you can with Diagram Images.



D3M-LayersDiagram layers

Create layers and assign icons and links to them. You can then toggle their visibility to simplify complex diagrams for your audience without the need to double up your work!



COMING SOON - Organization templates

Standardize routine customer facing documents using Organization Templates. Only editable by admins, this will ensure your team’s documents have all the required information while maintaining a consistent look & feel.


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