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In late June, our very own Bob McCook sat down with Wade Sarver from Wade4Wireless to discuss all things wireless.

A veteran in the wireless world, Wade has over 25 years of experience in everything from RF design and site engineering to tower climbing and project management. Now mostly consulting, Wade works with teams to maximize deployment efficiency and creates ebooks and training manuals for the wireless deployment industry.

Talking to people on the ground (or on the towers) to determine the best deployment practices, Wade believes that all aspects of the wireless deployment process need to be looked at, from the RF engineering to the installation, and integration stages for optimization.

We gave Wade a full demo of D3M and ran him through all the features. He thought D3M was an excellent tool that can be used from pre-sales to delivery and right through to the maintenance stage. When dealers are using a combination of Visio or AutoCAD and PowerPoint decks, manuals, and configurations spreadsheets, things can get mighty confusing, especially when in the field. D3M combines the drawing aspects of Visio and provides users with a detailed a bill of materials and eliminates all need for multiple spreadsheets, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations.

"D3M is such a powerful tool with everything you can do with it. I haven't seen anything like this in the industry. It makes things so efficient from beginning to end, to have everything documented, have a drawing of how everything is laid out, a bill of materials and inventory right there in front of you and the files all update quick and easily. I was blown away! It’s a more efficient and easier way to do things." - Wade Sarver

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