Meet Connor Carrick, an RF Engineer Who Uses D3M to Accurately Communicate with Customers

Link-tel-logoConnor Carrick is an RF engineer at Link-Tel Communications, an authorized Motorola two-way radio dealer in Scotland. The company was established in 1977 and specializes in hand portable radios, from entry level through to professional radios. Link-Tel Communications utilizes D3M to present network designs to their customers, organize their data and streamline their deployment process.

As an RF engineer, Connor's daily activities entail running the day-to-day operations, including engineering site visits, programming, network design, and project organization. Connor has been working in the two-way radio industry for the past 5 years and began his journey in the engineering world, where many of his daily tasks still remain today.

Simplified Communication with Customers

airsys-logo-01The Link-Tel Communications team began their search for a network diagramming software in early 2017, as the company "is always looking for new technologies to increase their productivity and level of professionalism." Connor and his team wanted a better way to accurately communicate their network designs to their customers. They were looking for a tool that would allow them to limit miscommunication and streamline deployments. Link-Tel was referred to D3M by their partner Airsys, who has been using D3M to collaborate with their dealers for several years.

Before purchasing D3M, Link-Tel would use photo editing applications, such as Paint, to place images of the needed equipment on top of an image of the deployment site. The team found this process time-consuming and inaccurate. "We needed something that would allow us to show customers the equipment location and cabling routes on the actual deployment site."

Link-Tel's engineering team has been using D3M for over a year and throughout the company, there are 4 power users, while the team works to add D3M into their sales procedures in the near future. "We believe everyone could benefit from using D3M within our organization."

Accurate and Timely Network Deployments

Connor's D3M usage relies heavily on his workload, during busy periods he uses the platform multiple times a day. "D3M is an effective way to convey to the customer what they are being sold and what support they will receive alongside it, benefiting both ourselves and the customer." 

The feature which Connor considers to be of utmost importance is the Topology (diagram) view, allowing him to display the exact network a customer will receive come deployment. He also notes that the Inventory view, which houses all equipment data, including amounts, IDs, model numbers, manufacturers and more, is of high value.

D3M has enabled Connor and the Link-Tel Communications team to easily present network designs to their customers, organize all their data in one location and streamline their deployment process.

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