Webinar: Icon Libraries

Here is the recording of our latest training webinar on D3M's icon libraries, including manufacturer icons, and how to create custom icons and icon bundles.

This month's webinar covered our icon libraries, from manufacturer icons to creating your own.

The webinar begins by covering the basics of our icon library, including the difference between our generic and manufacturer icon libraries. We then show you how to change your organization library view, from changing the display size of the icons to changing the display order. The difference between your organization library (Organization Library) and your own library (My Library) are explained, as well as how to move icons from your library to the organization's.

You will learn how to create a custom icon, whether it be from an existing icon or using your own image. How to add ports to an icon when creating is explained, along with the main assets of a D3M icon. The webinar wraps up by demonstrating the Documents and Share functionalities of the tool.

We had a great turnout and want to thank everyone who attended! For those of you who couldn't make, below is a recording of the webinar. To see our icon libraries for yourself, start a free D3M trial or log back in!

Check out the webinar recording below.

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Hope to see you at our next webinar!

The D3M Team


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