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New Feature: Areas Manager

Just wanted to let you know that we've recently launched an exciting new feature!

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New Feature: Assign Projects to Office Location

Does your radio dealership have multiple locations? If so, this new feature is for you!

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New Feature: Proposal Notes Editor

We've just released new enhancements to the D3M's Proposal Notes. With this new release you can now:

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New Feature: Textbox Styling

We just released a new feature – customized textbox styling.

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D3M Improves Customer Support with Live Chat

Here at Teldio, we believe customer support is of the utmost importance. That’s why we've just implemented a new tool called Intercom to better interact with you, our customers.

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New Features: Grid View & Share Permissions

With two new development resources in the office, we're quickly crossing things off our to-do list.

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New Feature: Proposal View & PDF Printing

We’re delighted to bring you two new features to D3M. Thanks to all our users that provided fantastic feedback throughout the process. These features will make significant improvements to your ...

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