Why You Can Trust the Cloud With Your Data

Sceptics, cynics and newsreaders often ask if they can trust the cloud. There have been leaks, hackers and spies, so why should you use the cloud with your important data?

Over the years, technology has evolved as our lifestyles have changed and so has data storage. From the floppy disk to the flash drive, and finally the cloud, the demand for increased storage capacity is never-ending. The timely delivery of vital information is extremely important and with cloud-based storage solutions, it’s now as easy as ever. Your data is now portable; you can access your information anywhere and anytime from any device.


Trust the Cloud


The cloud has been trusted with important documents by millions of people and businesses. According to Thales e-Security’s Encryption in the Cloud report, half of all business data is now stored in the cloud.

Today, the primary concern is the security of data stored on the cloud. Keeping your data safe is essential and surrendering control over vital information to a third party can be difficult, especially for companies. With the threat of hacking and data breaches, high levels of security are necessary to protect your data.

D3M takes the security and privacy of your data very seriously. We understand how important your data is, and have several layers of security to protect your privacy and confidential information.

  • Secure Data – All D3M data is stored by Amazon Data Centers, a trusted and reliable organization specializes in data storage. Their servers are redundant (meaning the data is duplicated) and distributed (meaning it isn’t all stored in one location).
  • SSL Encryption – We use SSL in order to encrypt the traffic that is sent back and forth between your computer and our servers. We also use unique hashed URLs to protect each Project from potential hackers
  • Safe Passwords – Your user password information is encrypted into a 448 bit key and cannot be accessed by anyone other than you.
  • Daily Backups – Every day, D3M backs up and duplicates your data on a disparate server. That way if anything goes wrong, we won’t lose any of your work!

So go ahead and let go of your worries. Your information is safe with the cloud!

Read D3M's Security Overview document, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy for more detailed information.



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