New Feature: Export D3M Projects

Need to export D3M project fleetmap data to import it into your CRM or accounting software? Want to export your D3M diagram to include it in a customer presentation? It's now possible and only takes 2 clicks! Our development team has been working hard to bring you our latest feature.


Export D3M Projects


Export D3M Project Fleetmaps to Excel & Diagrams as a .png image

D3M automatically creates a fleetmap as you design your two-way radio network. You can then easily download this data as a .xls Excel file. Share it with co-workers, clients, or simply keep a copy of it for your company records. With this new Export feature you can also save both the technical and icon views of your diagram as a .png image.

Check back soon for our next update on the latest D3M feature! Our dev team is currently typing away to bring to you a brand new “Rack mount view”... Stay tuned!

Have a suggestion for a new, unique feature? Please contacts us, we’d love to hear your ideas.

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