Exploring CRM Integration

Wouldn’t it be cool... if D3M could share key customer configuration data with a commercial CRM, say Salesforce.com for example?

D3M is an industry-leading SaaS platform that combines the best and most useful elements of CPQ and diagramming software into a single solution. Our customers tell us they like the intuitive and interactive nature of D3M, that allows the output to be presented as a complete customer-facing professional document, or implemented within a custom proposal.

As much as customers have embraced D3M and are pleased with its core functionality, we also hear that the value of the tool could be further optimized if we offered CRM integration. Allowing our customers to have tighter coordination between the D3M output and the company’s sales processes.

The question is, who to integrate with first? The answer quickly became obvious; Salesforce.com, the giant in the CRM industry. Focusing on Salesforce as a start, wouldn’t it be cool if you could:

  • View Salesforce customer and opportunity data in D3M 
  • Associate a D3M Project with a specific Salesforce opportunity
  • Display the most up-to-date D3M diagram directly in Salesforce (linked to the opportunity in question)
  • Have one-click access to open your D3M Project from a Salesforce opportunity
  • Allow all users with access to the opportunity in Salesforce the ability to view the most up-to-date system diagram generated by D3M

More and more, individual applications need to integrate seamlessly with each other as part of a larger sales process. Integration between D3M and a CRM, such as Salesforce is a good place to start.

Sounds too good to be true? Stay tuned!

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